Welcome, friend.

We're happy to see you.

Playgarden was established when 4 creative people ran into one another. Some met more than 20 years ago. Some met last year. Some flourishes with a youths naïve curiosity. Others carry the experience of a long run in the industry. But they could all agree on one thing – they wanted to create something. And they did.

Even before the company was formally established, Playgarden did their first shoots. Satisfied customers could see the 4 playmates use their skills and creativity to create their masterpieces. Some customers could proudly show their pictures to the world. Others have a necessary discretion in their way of work – with the vote of confidence in Playgarden.

Playgarden is still in its childhood. And the playmates know how to appreciate that. For they will continue to play and grow with Playgarden, and live through new challenges and adventures with everyone who wants to join them.

We can make you something.

But first you may wonder what we usually do and what gear we have in stock.

Playgarden has 4 camera kits in-house. What kit we decide to use depends on what you want us to create for you. We have 2 kits built for EFP, ENG - reality kind of stuff, you know. We also have 2 full format kits, one with our precious Sony F-55 and a light one with a D800 paired with an SSD recorder.

The crew in Playgarden make their living producing television shows, and has done so for years. However, most of our projects for foreign clients are commission films, interviews and so on. No problem, we've got your back anyway.


Brand Sensor size Resolution
Sony PDW F55 Full format 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sony PDW-700 1 2/3" 1080 25p 50i
Sony PDW-700 2 2/3" 1080 25p 50i
Nikon D800 w. Ninja2 Full format 1080p
Nikon D610 Full format 1080p
Gopro Hero 3 Black 1/2,3" 1080 25p 50p
Gopro Hero 3+ Black 1 1/2,3" 1080 25p 50p
Gopro Hero 3+ Black 2 1/2,3" 1080 25p 50p
Gopro 4 Black 1/2,3" 4K 1080p


Aerial video

Brand   Specs

DJI X5 RAW drone

This drone shoots aerial video up to true 4K RAW. We are licensed to fly commercially, and this friend will up the production value a lot. If you want to go bigger, you'd probably need a helicopter. Sometimes we fly those too.

For a quote with aerial video, please contact us. It's expensive to fly drones, but if we're making a complete product for you we'll do our best to give you a fair price for the whole package.

We're pals, you know.



Brand Range Aperture Mount (Fits to)
Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm 2.9 PL (F55)
Sony Prime 20mm 2.0 PL (F55)
Sony Prime 25mm 2.0 PL (F55)
Sony Prime 35mm 2.0 PL (F55)
Sony Prime 50mm 2.0 PL (F55)
Sony Prime 85mm 2.0 PL (F55)
Sony Prime 135mm 2.0 PL (F55)
Fujinon HJ14 1 4.3mm - 14X 2.8 B4 (700)
Fujinon HJ14 2 4.3mm - 14X 2.8 B4 (700)
Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 Nikon F (D800, D610)
Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 Nikon F (D800, D610)
Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 Nikon F (D800, D610)
Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 Nikon F (D800, D610)



Schactler Video 18 1
Schactler Video 18 2
Schactler Video 18 3
Manfrotto 504HD, 546BK
Libec dolly w. rails
Trapezist Mini Jib



Kino 4-bank
Kino Divalite 401 x2
Litepanel LED 500 x2
Ikan LED 500 x3
Dedo x2



Brand Capacity Make
Ford Transit Connect Everything + 2 people 2007

We know this place.

Our crew has travelled the full lenght of this rugged country many times.


We've been in more or less every city. We know the scenic spots to give you the WOW, and the tactical shortcuts to solve the logistics in a reasonable and efficient way. So have no fear, friend. We'll make sure your adventure will be as smooth as possible.

Playgarden is Oslo based, but shoots in Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand and locations up to around 2 hours of driving from Oslo is usually a day trip - unless you want more.

Meet our previous customers.

These are some of the people we have enjoyed working with. Some of them likes secrets.

Police Academy (PST/DKP) Confidential
Kongsberg Defence Systems Confidential
Tvedestrand Community Promo
Tvedestrand Racing Club / Skagerrak Across Speed boat race
Norges Døveforbund Promo
Norges Blindeforbund (Apple) Corporate film
Norges Blindeforbund (Software Innovation) Corporate film

Let's give you some numbers.

These are the usual fees practiced by Playgarden.

Making video can be expensive. But we promise that we'll give you your moneys worth. To give you a ballpark measurement, these are the basic fees we usually work with. But no shoot is identical to the previous one, so ship us a message and ask us for a more precise quote.

We include tripod, batteries, lenses, recording media and necessary lights for most conditions in the camera rate. So no uncomfortable surprises for you.


Service Day rate
Cameraman (8 hours) NOK 4500,-
Sony PDW F55 NOK 4500,-
Sony PDW 700 NOK 4000,-
Nikon D800 w. Ninja2 NOK 2500,-

How to reach us

We'd love to hear about your ideas.

You can ship us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact one of us directly.


E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
T: +47 412 48 728


E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
T: +47 906 90 627


E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
T: +47 951 98 803

Bjørnar Posse

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
T: +47 932 89 158

This is who we are.

We look friendly, don't we?

Frode Røinaas

Creative CEO

Frode has great experience as project manager from state public and private enterprises. Frode is a big fan of consept developement and has been working with concepts from the drawing board up until completion within several sectors. He has been working full-time the recent years as project manager. As Master Chef on the company "Idékokkene" he has been developing several new TV concepts and brought them into Playgarden. He's an educated visual pedagogue with specialization in project management and career advice, and has worked as asassment manager, CEO, course organizer and lecturer.

Iris Janne Sylte

Chief editor & post producer

Iris educated from Gimlekollen University College and packs 18 years of experience in the industry. She has worked as chief editor, post producer, director and editor in the edition suite.

Iris has directed EFPs and documentaries such as Krimkommisjonen (TV Norge), Skaperen (TV2), Krafttaket (NRK), 3 Bryllup og en Bryllupsferd (TV3), Det Store Korslaget (TV2) and Langt Hjemmefra (TV2). She is currently chief editor at 4-Stjerners Middag (Come Dine With Us).

Bjørnar Posse Sandboe

Lighting cameraman & editor

For the last few years Bjørnar has been working with various nation-wide TV shows for NRK, TV2, TV3, og TV Norge, shooting Sinnasnekkeren, Luksusfellen, Fjellflørt, Mesternes Mester, Det Sterkeste Kjønn, Hvem kan slå Åmodt & Kjus, I Kveld Med Ylvis, Det Store Korslaget, Golden Goal and Adils Hemmelige Dansere.

Bjørnar and Thomas worked together as cameramen through season 7-10 of Luksusfellen (TV3). Bjørnar also does still photography, webdesign and graphic design.

Thomas Thomassen

Lighting cameraman & editor

Thomas has 19 years of experience as a cameraman. He's delivered to nation-wide and international broadcasters such as NRK, BBC, YLE, MTV3, MTV, TV Norge, and served 12 years in TV2. Thomas has also done numerous jobs for WWF, Rubicon TV, Nordisk Film, Strix og Sheriff Filmcompany. Thomas is a certified diver and can perform underwater shoots, with years of experience in this. The recent years he's been busy shooting Golden Goal, Masterchef, Det blir bedre, Amazing Race Norge and A-foto (DoP) on several seasons of Luksusfellen (TV3) and Krimkommisjonen (TV Norge)